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Dahlia Tubers

Dahlia Tubers For Sale

This year I am so happy to offer 17 varieties of dahlias from my own organically grown stock as well as a few varieties I have specially sourced to share with Toronto dahlia lovers. Some varieties are I have smaller quantities of, others have greater availability. 

HOW TO GROW:   Dahlias do best in full sun, in nutrient rich, compost enriched soil and most of these varieties will benefit from staking to protect them from toppling in our summer storms. 

Each order comes with detailed information on how to plant and care for your dahlias. 

To set you up for success, if you buy 3 or more tubers you'll get 25% off my Dahlia Mania Workshop held in April. 

The tubers are currently tucked in for the winter in our cold room. In early spring I will know the exact numbers available, until then I have made a conservative estimate. There will likely be more. I will let you know if you are on the waitlist for any varieties. Payment will be accepted in the spring but this order form will secure your tubers until then.

Tubers will be available in April for starting indoors (highly recommended) or May for direct planting. Pickup from my house in Parkdale or delivery in the GTA available.

Photos and descriptions are below.

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Arabian Night.JPG

Arabian Night 

Dark burgundy red, 4-5" blooms, height 3-4' : $8 Sold out

Babylon Bronze.jpg

Babylon Bronze

One of the earliest to bloom. Large 6-8" bronze, apricot flowers  on tall stems, height 5-6' : $8  Sold out

Black Satin.jpg

Black Satin

Beautiful dark burgundy with smaller 4" blooms on strong stems, height 4-5' : $8.  Sold Out



Café au Lait

Stunning cream and blush blooms, sometimes at the same time on the same plant. Flowers are 6-8"on plants 5' tall. A must grow : $8 Waitlist Available



Diva : Deep eggplant purple blooms with beautiful form, 4-6" blooms, height 4-5' : $8  Sold Out


Ferncliff Copper

Apricot copper blend, 5" blooms on tall 6' plants. A mainstay in my gardens for years : $7  Sold Out



Huge, beautiful white flowers 8-10", height 3', these were one of the showstoppers of the gardens this past season : $7 Waitlist Available

photo by @derletztewolf.jpg

Karma Choc

Darkest Burgundy, almost black in the centre. Beautiful form, richness and stem length. Highly recommended. Blooms 4-5", height 3-4'  : $7 Waitlist Available

Photo by @derletztewolf



The new favorite of many a flower lover... The peach- rose pink colouring, the fireworks shape and the curled petals make you want to lean into this one. Dinnerplate size blooms, 6-10". plants 5-6' : $8 Waitlist Available

Lakeview Peach Fuzz.jpg

Lakeview Peach fuzz

A favorite of mine for years- peachy, fuzzy and a very prolific bloomer. Disbudding gives blooms of 4". Height 4-5' : $9  Sold Out



Soft pinks and yellow, very lovely... Height 3', blooms 4" : $7  Sold Out


Myrtle's folly

Myrtle is the muppet of dahlias. An explosion of curly pink, peach and soft yellow petals, she has character and blooms prolifically. Height 4-5', flowers 6-7" : $8 Sold Out

Ntac Mia Li.JPG

Ntac Mia Li

Mia likes to change with the seasons. Like Robin Hood, who is very similar, she starts off with lighter peachy pink colouring and grows more intense as the season turns to fall. In this photo she's at her more deep coral pink colouring. Very prolific, 6' tall plants, blooms 4-5" : $9   Sold out

Rip City.jpg

Rip city

One of my favorite burgundy flowers, both for gorgeous form and velvety colour.  Height 5'+, blooms 5-6" : $9 Sold Out

Robin Hood.jpg

Robin hood

Like Ntac Mia Li, this is a dahlia that really changes her look through the season. This photo is from earlier on when the colours are softer. As the season changes the colours deepen to darker pinks and corals.  Prolific 4" blooms,  height 4-5' : $8  Sold Out

Yellow Jill.jpg

Yellow Jill

Prolific 3" blooms on a 4' plant. Shading changes from muted mustard and burgundy purple to brighter yellow and purple. Tall strong stems : $7 Sold Out



Beautiful waterlily shape with peach and a touch of yellow. 3-4' tall, blooms 4" : $8 Sold out