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Seed Starting: April 14

Seed Starting: April 14


Grow your own organic cutting garden from seed!

There is big magic in growing a garden full of flowers from a handful of seeds. It's continually amazing to be involved in this unfolding. In this workshop you will learn how to help these little seeds grow and thrive to start a beautiful organic garden you can cut flowers from and bring into your home all summer long.

We will cover:

  • the best cut flowers to start from seed

  • favorite seed sources

  • how to set up your own inexpensive grow light

  • different methods of germinating seeds

  • what seed starting mixes to choose

  • starting seeds indoors vs direct seeding in the garden

  • how to sow your seeds

  • how to grow them on once germinated

  • how to pot up your seedlings 

  • when and how to transplant into the garden

  • caring for the babies once planted out

I will provide a variety of seeds and all materials and you will take home a tray of 72 seedlings. You can also bring your own favorite seeds to plant. 

Saturday April 14, 2-4 pm. Located at my house in Parkdale. 

Maximum 16 participants. Registration will book your spot and is non-refundable. If you would prefer to pay by e-transfer please email me.

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